Saturday, November 14, 2009

speak korean

nurul afiff-hago shinae-e kayo meaning- 'I am going to town with nurul afiff'.

If you want to request someone to wait for you, you would say kidariseyo (Please wait !!).
The use of -seyo means that you have a special respect for the person, for example if you say hansongsaengnim-i hakkyo-e kaseyo ,you are saying Mr Han is going to school. ( But you are also showing special respect for him ).

Here are some words and phrases that are useful in every day life.

ye = Yes

an-ni-o = No

an nyong ha sye yo? = Hello, How are you? ( note: this can also be used in reply)

an nyong hi - ka sye yo = Good Bye

k wen chah nah yo = Its ok, Its fine

ottok'ke ch nae sye yo? = How are you?

chal chi nae yo = Fine (in reply to "ottok'ke ch nae sye yo?")

kam sa ham ni da = Thank you (used in a formal way)

ko map sum ni da = Thank you (used in a less formal way)

choe song ham ni da = Sorry (used with more emphasis, weight)

mian ham ni da = Sorry (used with less emphasis)

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