Monday, November 16, 2009

how am i to say??

“I thought that by telling myself and everyone else that I hated you. That sooner or later I would come to believe it. But I now realize that by lying, it makes me want you even more.”
A girl takes too much time to love and few seconds to hate. But a boy takes few seconds to love and too much time to hate
Its amazing how someone can break your heart, but yet you still love them with every broken piece
“I was first hurt by someone I really love. I didn’t want to give up, even if it hurts. But one day… I did. Why? Because I got so tired and exhausted. I realized how hard it is to love someone who’s not meant for you.”
“I got tired of waiting for you… I don’t wanna get hurt anymore. So I’m gonna stop hoping and I’ll try to move on… but I’ll walk away slowly… real slow… so if by any chance you wanna stop me, you can still catch up.”

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